Your Summer Foodie Bucket List Checklist

Is there any time of year more magical than summer? The days are warmer, longer, and just … happier. The start of summer seems to signal the start of endless possibilities and days full of food, fun, and laughter. And this summer is particularly exciting as coronavirus vaccination rates go up, infection rates go down and cities and towns open back up.

50 Things You Need to Do Eat, Drink and Do This Summer

Not sure where to start with your summertime bucket list? Worry no longer, because we have your back with every single thing you need to do this season. Behold, The Daily Meal’s printable Summer Foodie Bucket List:

50 things to eat drink and do this summer bucket list checklist

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Can you check off all 50 things on the list? Challenge accepted. Be sure to tag us on social @thedailymeal and use #dailymealsummer so we can all share in the summer fun.

Even if you don’t leave your home state and go on a lengthy, relaxing vacation, you can still have an amazing time exploring your own town by trying a new restaurant or hitting up the farmers market.

For a deeper dive into the list, get off the couch and get around to eating, drinking and doing these 50 things this summer

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